Fountain of Youth!

Elevate’s micro-needling treatment is known as the fountain of youth. This treatment is proven to reduce scaring, enhance skin elasticity, induce collagen production, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is commonly seen in Vampire Facials (Facials with your body’s own Platelet Rich Plasma -PRP), Hair Restoration, Scar Reduction Treatments. 

Microneedling Options

Vampire PRP Facial


We are loving this service. This is a facial for the belly. We are seeing clients treat stretch marks, c-section scars and loose skin and we are delivering some insanely good results!! This is a PRP Micro-Neeling treatment offered at Elevate. 

Hair Restoration

Elevate Hair Restoration process is unique and incredibly effective. With our PRP Micro-neeling treatment process in combination with our recommended aftercare products we are seeing amazing results. Our clients are getting their hair back! This all without expensive surgeries, downtime and results in 6 months. Our clients are seeing results as soon as 1 week of the treatment. 

Highlighted Experience