Hair Reatoration

Elevates has a one of a kind hair restoration treatment plan that has yet to provide OUTSTANDING results. This cost effective multi-step injection and needling process uses PRP (protein rich plasma) from your blood to stimulate and encourage your own hair to regrow. This restoration treatment is designed to tap into your body’s own potential to regenerate new hair growth. NO surgery… NO downtime… just RESULTS!  

Xeomin (Botox)

Commonly known as “Botox” Elevate has chosen Xeomin for its clean ingredients, longevity,  as well as effectiveness for smoothing wrinkles, non-surgical face lifts, treating gummy smile, relaxing muscle tension, reducing migraines and TMJD pain. 


Whether you are looking for a more natural fullness to your look or wanting to really enhance your shape or volume Elevate’s injectors are skilled at perfectly placing and determining how much you need to maximize your look. 

Permanent Makeup

Top of the line ink and colors blended perfectly to enhance your look. Elevate permanent make up artist use a multi-mapping system to ensure the perfect shape and angles to complement your features. 


Elevate’s surgical needling treatment proven to reduce scaring, enhance skin elasticity and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.


Elevates full line of injectable nutrition. Enjoy IV hydration and nutrition enrichment to boost your immune system while enhance and supporting healthy hair, skin and nail growth.